Five points to check before choosing the best mobile phone for you in India


Five points to check before choosing the best mobile phone for you in India, post September 2022. In this article, we will discuss all the important points that one should know before buying a mobile phone.

The Basic Budget (The 5 points will follow)

First and foremost, it is essential that you decide on the budget for your smartphone. This will immediately give you a list of phones which fall in that particular price bracket. Please keep in mind that this is a preliminary budget and that it will need to be fine-tuned, something which we will discuss at the end of this session.

Connectivity First

At the outset of diving into specifications, decide whether you need a 5G handset or not. If you opt for a 5G handset, that itself will eliminate almost 60 percent of the competition as per current Indian industry statistics. In the event that you opt for a non-5G handset, please keep in mind that 5G is set to arrive in India in the next two months and should be available in most parts of India without much delay. What this implies is that if the phone that you purchase now is not 5G ready, your selling price when you try to get rid of that handset after two years will be very minimal since India will most probably be welcoming 6G and your handset will have more of antique value!

Storage and RAM Next

This decision will be slightly more complicated than the previous one since this will be affected by more factors. First and foremost, is whether the phone will be used for gaming or not. The second question is regarding the extent of images and videos/movies that you will store on your mobile. While gaming will require a higher amount of Ram, storing of excessive data will naturally require higher storage capacities for your phone. We need to understand that most mobile companies are eliminating SD Cards in their mobile phones and that, on average, 33 percent of Indians are running out of storage space on their mobile phones every day! Please also understand that, anything from 512 MB to4GB of space is always kept reserved for Operating systems in the current scenario.

The Camera Department

This is yet another area to be considered carefully before zeroing in on your mobile. While three and four cameras are very common in most phones nowadays, the quality of images, the extent of zoom capability, night photography, and quality of selfies will go a long way in deciding your choice of phone.

Durability and Reliability

Another very important factor to be considered is build quality which will also include IP67 or IP68 Certifications or, at the very minimum splash protection for your phone considering the variances in Indian climatic conditions. We must also consider the Warranty provided by the mobile manufacturer as well as ease of service – a direct measure of this factor will be the availability of an authorized service centre in your local vicinity.

OS Upgrades

This is one factor that is not at all considered by most buyers but which proves very crucial in many cases. It is now very common for mobile manufacturers to provide up to three years of Operating System Upgrades. This is essential to obtain maximum features on your phone, to ensure that you can install all the available apps, and last but not least for the digital well-being of the phone, primarily in extending the battery life and performance.

The first three factors namely Connectivity, Storage, and RAM as well as Camera Specifications are highly individual based but the next two factors – Durability and Reliability as well as OS Upgrades will and MUST be considered by everyone when purchasing a mobile phone.

Fine Tuning your earlier Budget

Now that you have decided which are specifications important for YOU, to have full optimization and utilization of your mobile device, you may need to fine-tune your budget to ensure that priority features are included and non-essentials are left out to maintain the budget allocated for the phone. In most cases, a slight positive revision of the budget would help you to purchase a phone with the best features selected by you along with a few add-ons thrown in. This clear guide to purchasing a mobile phone in the current scenario is brought to you by a top-notch business Consultant in Kochi!


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