Hike the Fitness Handsfree


Fitness gadgets and pedometers are fast becoming visible with people and everyone loves them. In the meanwhile, Bangalore based Ducere Technologies have come up with the mother of all wearable navigation. Lechal is the latest in the world of the GPS based navigation and is worth all the waves it has been making. Sold as a pair of smart insoles or complete shoes, Lechal is capable of tracking fitness as well as providing navigation to its users as part of the hiking gear or tour guidance.

The Lechal insoles have space beneath them that can accommodate a pair of pod. These pods are state of the art and form the heart of the Lechal technology. Break-proof, waterproof and loss proof, the pods communicate with the app on your smart phone via Bluetooth. His app is available for android as well as iOS. Once the destination is set on the app, the pods react with a wide pattern of vibrations that tell the user where to turn right or left as per the vibration in the right or left pod.

This means that with Lechal, Navigation has for the first time, become eye free and hands free. Be it the rocky hiking trails near me, or the long bike journey, hands free navigation is what hiking and travelling is all about or me.

The good thing is that the pods can last up to 15 days of use on a single charge. The insoles that go into your hiking boots or favourite shoes can be trimmed with scissors so that they fit into your shoes. The insoles are washable and anti-bacterial. It is recommended that the original insoles from your shoes be removed before Lechal insoles are slipped in. This will make for a more comfortable fit. Infact, the designers have ensured that Lechal delivers optimum performance when used with sports shoes that have cushioning in them. The Lechal package includes the charger for the pods.

Lechal is very good at fitness tracking as well, with Distance, Calories, Step Count Etc., programmed into the Lechal app. There is haptic feedback dedicated to fitness training and it is easy to make out various vibration patterns from one another. The amazing precision in these pods shows up in the Lechal fitness mode.


  • Lechal has a battery life of well over 15 days. Fifteen days of battery life means they’re rarely shackled to a charger.
  • The pods work offline as well, so that you do not have to keep looking at the screen.
  • Lechal ensures complete hands-free navigation.
  • The haptic feedback has a variety of vibrations that ensure a detailed communication with the wearer.
  • Besides navigating the hiking trails, Lechal allows you to track your fitness with precision by measuring steps taken, calories burnt, distance travelled, and many such things.
  • There is an option of using Lechal Pods in trim to fit insoles or simply lace up the pods onto your shoelaces.

Lechal is wonderful product in world of digital navigation and wearable tech. The flexibility of this technology and the ease of use redefinesthe discovery of the world as well as navigation.


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